“Why” and “How” of Space Clearing

” Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

Within the last couple of months, I have had a lot of interest in Space Clearing from friends and people in the community. There are a lot of questions as not everyone is familiar with the practice. My hope for this post is to answer most of them.

Do you ever find that the environment of one place is more pleasant than the other? Do you ever have a queer feeling about a place but you cannot put a finger onto why you are feeling that way? Do you ever feel uneasy about an object like a table or even a piece of clothing?

Everything is energy and places and objects have memories of events. Those memories vibrate at frequencies specific to them. If we are consistently exposed to those frequencies, such as in our home, they could bring us down vibrationally and deplete us energetically.

Space Clearing is a practice that purifies space and objects from negative events and consciousness that was imprinted onto them. As a result, you get a scientifically proven clear house with less bacteria and pathogens, uplifted mood, more energy, stronger immune system and better household dynamics.

The questions is if you could Space Clear on your own. And the short answer – of course you can!

The long answer is there is a difference in what you could do with and without the proper training.

When I Space Clear, I do not only clear it from any negative energies and geographic stress, but also, I clear it from any spirits of people passed and not transitioned, as well as any other entities.  I have rites passed onto me by an Algonquin Medicine Man to work with Algonquin Ancestors and I follow proper Space Clearing protocol for smudging and helping spirits and entities transition.

The best suggestion, for anyone wanting to Clear their Space and reduce energetic impact on their nervous system, is to get someone who is well trained to do the initial clearing. Afterwards, the upkeep could be done with the intention.

What to do for the upkeep is:

First, you will need a container to burn herbs in, to produce clearing smoke and to catch any ash from burning, while moving around your space. I use an abalone shell for that purpose.

Second, the herbs and plants I use is a combination of: sage, tobacco, sweet grass, cedar, and palo santo. Most of these could be purchased at specialized stores or on-line.

Third, it is useful to have a feather to direct the smoke onto corners and objects you feel need to be cleared.

Forth, you would need to connect with your intention to clear your space of anything that does not serve you and start walking your space from the very bottom level up in a clockwise direction.

How often to clear your space would depend on how the energy feels like in your house. If you find you are going through something, releasing heavy energy often, it would be a good idea to clear the space, including yourself, every day. Otherwise, once a month would be a good practice.

On top of smudging, it is important to clean and declutter the space regularly to get any stagnant energy moving. I use essential oils while cleaning my space. I love Lemon and Tea Tree for dusting with as well as for “floor aromatherapy”, as my friend calls it.

Whenever I am about to Space Clear our rental, that is about 70 years old and a lot needed to be cleared here, my cats are by my side indicating what needs to be done. I do not bring my cats to house calls with me, but every time someone in my family moves, they do ask me to bring my cats to “walk around” the property. Russian Tradition is a cat needs to be the first to cross over the threshold of a new property.

Happy Clearing!



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