Creating Family Traditions (Blog&Video)

I love the idea of creating a rhythm to our days. Our own individual rhythms are very different, of course, for every member of the family.

But at the background of everyone’s own rhythm, there is magic of the flow sprinkled as fairy dust that connects us all as a family. It changes as the kids get older, but right now it looks like waking up together and sharing our dreams with each other, chatting about the day ahead, eating breakfast to continue to connect or to enjoy a show that someone brings with them to the table, getting outside, running errands, playing, getting together with friends on or off line, watching shows or youtube videos, creating, and crating. Later, once Igor gets home we eat dinner and plan our evening to either get to an activity ,or go for a walk, or have a family movie night, or for everyone to do their own thing, knowing that they can connect and be welcomed into the common space at any time. Later, at night,  I love the time when we all get in the family bed to chat about the day, read for a bit and fall asleep all cozied up in one bundle of blankets, with intertwined arms and legs, lulled to sleep by each other’s breathing and cats purring.

What’s interesting is sometimes, on the outside, it all seems well and everyone happily carries on with their day. But at night, in that comfort and intimacy of the darkness and the warmth of the group embrace, just before drifting off, often things come up: fears, unknown feelings, unknown concepts, complaints, joys, and anticipations. That’s when the most in depth, soul searching conversations happen and that’s the place where the magic of validation dwells. Sometimes it takes several nights to work through things that we might have not been aware we were carrying. But it is such a joy to hear one night “You, know, all of a sudden I just feel so much better and just so happy for no reason!”. And just even writing it out right now, takes me right back to feeling my heart fill up with warmth of gratitude for the precious jewels in our flow that I look forward to finding every day in our simple family life that we are so lucky to share with each other. 

And behind the everyday flow, there is a flow of the changing seasons with another layer of magic of family rhythm sprinkled in traditions that we’ve been crafting for our family for the last 10 years. Those traditions anchor us in the present moment to celebrate our memories of the same place and prepare us to transition from one season to the next.

The fun that we’ve had as a family at the same place a year or two ago is now different as the kids get older, mature and their interests change. We go down the memory lane in images of us with our hands full in either carrying the kids  or carrying the pumpkids for them, or our minds full in business of helping them to stop to let a little train pass by or get on a train with them. Now we have so much more time and our  hands to wrap around each other to marvel at how the kids run across a field on their own to get a wagon, jumping over a path in front on a little train carrying little passengers. How they pick the best pumpkin for themselves and carry it over on their own to proudly show it off to us.

The realizations of how fast the time flies by and how much older the kids get with every changing season, how much they change, how much what sparks their interests changes, makes us humble and very present to every precious moment to call our own and to remember as it is. 

We’ve been going to Abby Hill farm for pumpkins to decorate for the fall and later carve them for Halloween every year. This is Year 2018. We are located much farther since we moved away from the area 2 years ago, but that’s the place kids wanted to go to anyway. They are 10 and 8 this year! But we also have an addition who is not even 1 yet and we invited him and his family to join us in our tradition this year to join in the fun with how fun looks like for him. 

We love the predictability of the rhythm, it gives us the feeling of knowing what’s coming up, what to look forward to and what to expect. This year, Valerie, also noticed how much they’ve grown! Maybe it was because their little cousin was there doing what little cousins do or maybe because she saw signs at a play structure that said that only kids under 10 are allowed, and realized that next year there will be even less activities she’ll be able to join in.

I am so grateful for these wonderful moments with these amazing humans. This gratitude of Day 67 of my 365 Gratitude project deserved it’s own Blog post and a Video you are welcome to enjoy below!



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