Joyfully Leaping into a Calling


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

The feeling of standing before our calling about to take a leap feels like standing on a ledge of a threshold between two worlds. One of these worlds is the familiar one – we know it does not serve us anymore and cannot fulfill our deepest desires of the heart. Yet, there is comfort in knowing what to expect, and so, we linger. The other world seems dark, unknown, and feels uncomfortable – we cannot see its vibrant colors because we have yet to take the leap.

The question is: how long do we linger? And what does it take to face our fears – fears of success, of failure, or of rejection? Do we spend our whole life lingering until we forget what it was our heart yearned for, and spend the rest of our lives in the comfortable abyss? Or do we gather up all our courage and jump – leap into the unknown and freefall into the reason why we came into this world, and share our gifts with others?

The choice is ours to make.

And even though our life is such a blessing, it is a very short one. Every moment is precious in its own right, deserving of appreciation as is, because beauty could be found in whatever we are presented with. The gift is that we can feel even the most uncomfortable of feelings – the opposite would be just not be being alive, really.

But if we make the choice to leap into our calling and engage with our life fully, offering ourselves to service, then our victimhood falls away as a result and we become heroes on our own journeys. That is an empowering place to be. That place feels like we can do anything we set our mind to, and things begin to align for what we’ve dreamed up for ourselves.

At this point of my life, my own calling is to connect deeply with my two precious children and my lovely husband. Those connections feed my heart exponentially. They fill my soul with much joy and appreciation for everything that this life has to offer. It does not always offer rainbows, and still we’ve enjoyed a few. And even in the toughest of moments, we find something to be grateful for.

I choose to be of service to create the most supportive environment for our family to flourish and to be able to follow the callings of our souls. Only from that place of contentment with my purpose, I am able to take my own leaps into the creative world of words, art and imagery.

I’ve always felt the support of the Universe right behind me. Being a human, I do get anxious and self conscious at times, but the second I leap, the Universe leaps right behind me with the abundant resources and beautiful people to support me along the way. I cannot be more grateful.

I’ve dreamed to share my SoulFul Connections with all of you and I hope you find them inspiring on your own journey.



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