Wild Atlantic Cod InstaPot Stew

I am still enthusiastically adapting my recipes to my new very helpful friend InstaPot. And I am very happy with the results! The dishes come out full of flavour, and in fraction of time.

Yesterday, I picked up a large package of Wild caught Atlantic Cod at Costco to make my Dad’s secret fish stew. The rest of the ingredients came, mostly, from Costco as well.

Today, I was inspired to adapt the recipe to the InstaPot!

One of my kids adores this dish and we all enjoy it as well.

And the secret ingredient…. is… well… it’s ketchup. Yep. My Dad uses ketchup as the sauce base and the stew comes out absolutely delicious.

Costco does not carry healthier versions of ketchup that I would otherwise get and I did not want to run any more errands.

As a result, I ended up adapting the recipe to tomato paste, organic sugar, and organic apple cider vinegar combination base and the dish still got an approval from the kids!

It was a perfect dish for a snowy day inside, watching How to Train Your Dragon 1 and later 2, and discovering Scratch programming language; among other things, like drawing dragons, running around pretending we are dragons, ordering books from the library about dragons, wondering if we could have pet dragons in D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) or if that would be OP (over powering).

And later, after the delicious stew lunch, we had popcorn, and apples with nut/seed butter for snack.

Atlantic Cod Fish Stew

Here’s what to do:


2 onions, sliced;

6 carrots, grated;


1 small can tomato paste;

1 cup water;

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar;

2 tbsp organic sugar;

2 large Cod fillets (about 2lbs);

1/2 cup flour;

3 tbsp coconut oil;

Greens and Sea Weed for garnishing;

Rice of your choice (I use Korean sticky sushi rice);

1 tbsp of Olive Oil;

1 piece (about 2 inches) of Kombu;


1. Place 2 cups of rice and 4 cups of water in a regular pot. Add olive oil and kombu.

2. Once the water boils on high heat, mix the rice well, cover with a lid and let simmer on low for 15 minutes.

3. Set InstaPot on Sauté and add 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil to let it heat up for about a minute.

4. Slice onions and add to the heated oil to start sautéing, mixing often.

5. Clean and grate all the carrots, add to the onions and add some salt. Keep sautéing, mixing often.

6. Cut the fish up into smaller pieces and cover with flour and a bit of salt mixture on both sides.

7. Heat 2tbsp of coconut oil in a pan and once hot, fry the fish on both sides, about a minute each, to get a bit of colour.

8. In a bowl, whisk together tomato paste, water, apple cider vinegar and sugar. Add the mixture to the onions and carrots, mix well.

9. Place the fish carefully on top of onions and carrots in the InstaPot.

10. Close the lid and manually set pressure on low for 3 minutes.

11. Once done, manually, release the pressure.

12. Serve over rice with garnishing of choice.


Let me know how it goes and what you think!

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