Rising Up to Ourselves

There are or were or will be people in our lives we might want approval of, or validation from, or to be seen or heard by. We might put them on a pedestal for whatever reason, and do not see them as real people with their own issues, conditioning and limitations.

When we do not get what we are looking for from those people, we might get hurt or feel rejected. We might also get disappointed, when we get to know them a little better, because they too have flaws, and are not all we’d dreamed them up to be.

Those people are the teachers in our lives. They show up to teach us our own worth. To show us that we are Enough just because we Are. They are here to get us to understand that we do not need anyone’s approval or validation, that we do not need to be seen by anyone. Their lessons are for us to turn back inside, to learn to hold space for ourselves, to get to know ourselves, and to realize our own worth.

I am grateful for the hard  lessons 2018 has brought in interpersonal relationships. Working through it, helped me clear my lenses, and forced me to bring my own walls down to closer and more vulnerably authentic relationships with those who matter the most. It, also, helped me shed more layers when it comes to self worth.

However, while we are students of life, we are also teachers.

I am no longer willing to “negotiate myself” but rather ready to show up to what is, with Love, because I know this life is fragile and very precious and I’ve learned to approach it with humble gratitude.

I was contemplating all of that while sitting on a beach at SunSet tonight, saying goodbye to the Ocean.

After about 30 minutes of thinking/crying/trying to get to the core of the problem I am facing on my return home, a realization came to me, as I was getting up that it was all about standing my ground with confidence and Rising Up to Myself because I am Enough and I am Worth it!

I thanked the Ocean and started walking off, but turned around for the last time to glance behind. To my surprise, right there, at the same spot I was looking at for the last 30 minutes, was a magnificent Rainbow! I friend suggested that “The Universe was holding me in her hand”.

It was as though, I was heard and validated all at the same time!

It is tough when our hearts get broken and we feel betrayed. The initial response is to guard our hearts and close them down for good.

I will of course guard it from those who do not deserve it’s attention, and I will Rise Up to Myself!

But I will, also, Trust that my heart deserves staying open for all the wonderful magic that I am still to experience in this beautiful adventure of a life!

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