My All Natural First Aid Kit

Very early in my mothering career it became apparent that I needed to carry a first aid kit with me at all times. As my understanding of natural remedies evolved over the past 10 years, so did my first aid kit. My first aid kit is fairly simple and I truly need only a few things that work well for multiple purposes.

I have a few things in the kit for “just in case” while we are travelling, that I usually do not carry around with me.  I, generally, do not like putting the kit together or replenishing it when I run out. I would rather nothing ever happens to my kids or anyone else, really. I often can almost physically feel their pain whenever something does happen and I tend to get worried about potential complications.

As a result, whenever I do put things together in my tiny but very efficient and effective (you’ll see!) “first aid kit”, I cringe inside and think to myself “I hope I won’t have to use it.”

Unfortunately, eventually, I do end up using it, either on myself, my kids, friends of my kids, random strangers (usually kids) at playgrounds or skate parks, and kids in my care at my summer camps. And every time  I use it, I am glad I am prepared. Because when I need it, it is right there and is quite helpful.

My midwife suggested to me ,10 years ago, to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” At that time, I thought it was the worst advice. I now, know, it was a wise suggestion.

Here is what I have in my All Natural First Aid Kit and how and what I use it for.

The bag is from a dollar store and I like its fairly compact size. If it was bigger, I would probably find ways to fit more things into it.

Topical Ointments:


is a topical ointment.

I absolutely love it! It is a homeopathic remedy with amazing ingredients like calendula, echinacea, belladonna, and arnica to mention a few.

It relieves pain and inflammation due to injuries (sprains, dislocations, contusions).

I use it often. Kids do fall, they do hurt themselves and this remedy helps with pain, bruising and swelling.

While, currently, on vacation with extended family in Florida, I used it on my Mom’s ankles after long walks exploring the oldest city in US – St.Augustine, and she found great releave in it. My daughter’s and son’s ankles also hurt at the end of that long day and I applied the ointment before they fell asleep. They woke up with no symptoms.

My sister has DoTerra Deep Blue oil with her here, and it works wonders for similar conditions. I would love to add it to my bag, although do not own one yet.

My daughter has growing pains and it released her back pain instantly. My mom broke her toe and it even helped her with that initial pain.

“Spasatel” (Lifeguard)

is also a topical ointment, that’s made in Ukraine.

This one is absolutely magical. It can be used on open wounds and insect bites.

It is made up of a cocktail of amazing ingredients like bee wax, linseed and buckthorn oil, calendula, arnica, propolis, tea tree oil, lavender, camomile, vitamin A and E.

I feel like I constantly use it on scrapes, wounds (usually knees), burns (usually me in the kitchen, or Valérie with her hot glue guns) and all kind of insect bites and stings.

It even helped tremendously with pretty bad poison ivy indecent this summer!

Coconut oil.

I use it A LOT.

On its own, it is anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  I,  also, use it to dilute essential oils before applying them directly on the skin.

Essential Oils (my plant friends):

Tea Tree Oil

I do not leave the house without it.

I use it undiluted directly on the skin for scrapes as antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

It is the first thing I apply if there is a scrape to clean the wound.

It is also great for insect bites.

If kids ever have a tummy ache, I do dilute  it in some coconut oil and apply it on their tummy in clockwise direction to releave diarrhea or counterclockwise for constipation.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This oil works well for preventing motion sickness or if already motion sick, for headaches, fevers and mental clarity.

I do not dilute this oil.

For motion sickness and headaches, I apply a few drops on both wrists and both temples.

For driving long distances, especially if driving at nigh (it took us 27 hours to get to our destination without breaks this time around) I keep defusing peppermint oil in a car defuser.

A few drops on the soles of the feet help with fevers.

Orange Essential Oil

Helps relieve stress and uplifts mood.

I do use it on tummy for discomfort as well with a similar application to the Tea Tree Oil (see above). 

Oregano Oil

Natural antibiotic. It can be used topically or taken internally, it could be taxing on the liver, though, and we take it only if absolutely necessary to prevent or treat an infection.

Turmeric Essential Oil

This was a wonderful gift and I love it. This one is for my self care. It helps support nervous and immune systems, and is great for skin care. I add a few drops to my burdock oil to apply it on my skin.

DoTerra Essential Oil Blends:

(I am not affiliated with the company, at least not yet, I just like their product)

DoTerra OnGuard Essential Oil Blend

This is an absolutely amazing blend of essential oils, including cinnamon, clove, rosemary and wild orange. It works well for boosting immune system and preventing getting sick, especially during the cold and flue seasons.

For my kids and myself, I apply it on the soles of the feet and base of the spine at the back of the neck. I do use it if sick with a cold or flue for faster recovery.

It works well for a sore throat as a gargle or topical application directly in the throat.

I do dilute OnGuard for topical application as it is quite strong and also it lasts longer if diluted, otherwise it could evaporate too fast before taking effect.

It, also, works wonders as healing and antiseptic for tooth pain. I add a drop to a warm glass of water to swish around in the mouth.

DoTerra Easy Air Essential Oil Blend

It works similarly to OnGuard in terms of being an immune booster.

It primary helps stuffy noses breath better. For that purpose, I dilute it with coconut oil and apply on the chest as needed.

It also helps to calm down have a more restful sleep and could be defused in a bed room  the evening.

Ear Oil

It is a widespread misconception that antibiotics would help with ear infections/pain.

Most ear ailments, however, are viral and antibiotics do not help but could lead to complications by bringing the immune system down.

For an onset of am ear pain, a drop of colloidal silver is all that is needed. It has been a magical solution for us over the years.

However, I only had a bottle of colloidal silver that was too large to bring with us. 

This ear oil is compact and would sooth an ear pain and buy me time to get colloidal silver from a health store if needed. The composition is mulling and garlic oil.

Homeopathic Remedies:

Arnica Homeopathic Remedy 200C

It is high potency remedy to take a couple of pellets under the tongue to prevent bruising and swelling after a fall.

It is, simply, a must have.

Belladonna Homeopathic Remedy 30C

Helps body deal with fever

Ledum Homeopathic Remedy

Needs to be taken every couple of hours for several days to prevent Lyme after a tick bite.



For all kind of reasons: from dirty hands to stuffy noses to washing wounds with water and patting them dry.


All kind of sizes and styles. You never know what you are needing it for and the ones for flat surfaces would not help a scraped elbow or a large knee scrape.

Skin does heal better uncovered, but kids believe in the magic of band-aids and as long as they cannot see the wound, it might as well not be hurting!

A thermometer

I generally can tell how high a fever is or if there is one by just touching my kids foreheads. But having one, gives me a piece of mind.

I tend not to treat fevers as I see them as a body’s amazing defense mechanism.  Instead, I support body’s immune system with vitamin C and by keeping kids comfortable with homeopathic remedies, herbal teas, cool head cloths, and warm baths. But if they are not handling a fever well, I do offer Advil to help them sleep and get better.

I did bring Advil with me, but do not carry it in my first aid kit.


For splinters and ticks.

My kids are not big on removing splinters. I’ve learned that if we put some raw honey on them and a band-aid on top of it, the splinter starts coming out on its own within 12 hours. And only a bit of help might be needed with the tweezers.

As for the ticks. I’ve learned not to apply anything on the ticks themselves – that could be dangerous. You do not want to get it to salivate any more than it already is, to not to transmit anything it might be carrying.

To remove a tick, put the tweezers firmly on the tick the closest you can get to the skin and firmly pull it straight up. They do come out well that way.

You might want to save the tick in a zip-lock to bring to a lab for testing.

If you do want to dispose of it, make sure to flush it or dissolve it in peroxide.


I am not sure why. I think I used to have bigger bandages that needed to be cut. I don’t really use them…

What’s in Your first aid kit?

Let me know and maybe I’ll end up getting a bigger bag to expand mine! 

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