New Year Resolution vs Intention

I stepped into the aquamarine Atlantic Ocean yesterday and apologized for not saying “hi” to her for over a week that we’ve been vacationing with the extended family in Florida at Ponce Inlet.

The Ocean said that she is Water and she’s seen me at Lakes over the summer and drinking stream year round and I always said “hi” and that “it was all good between her and I”.

The Water greeted me back with waves coming my way in the distance, inviting me to jump in and ride them but they were also quite strong and cold.

I asked the Water if I should.

She said that I could choose to push myself past my comfort level and enjoy a refreshing ride or remain in the foam left after the wave breaks, a safe distance away from me. She also said there was no rush and I could take my time getting used to the water at my own pace.

I took its advise, and after playing in the foamy water at my comfort for a while, I did enjoy a refreshing, exhilarating ride in the waves a couple of times.

Very soon after, my 8 year old son, seeing me have that much fun, without thinking twice, jumped in to join me. Together, we enjoyed the strength of the waves, picking us up effortlessly to only suddenly release us into giddy giggles, and have us run back for more.

This connection with the Wise Water brought me into the realization of my intent for the New Year. I do want to respect my own pace and I do want to stay true to who I am, but I, also, want to push past my comfort level just a little to get to where I envision myself to be.

New Year Resolutions are popular and there are businesses that are build around them. There is a yoga studio I joined for a couple of months last year and the owners knew their membership will increase dramatically in the new year with a new wave of resolutions and wean down slowly thereafter.

The problem with resolutions is an illusion of getting a fresh new start, and getting it perfect from that point on. There is an idealization of the idea that just because it is a New Year, we are a brand new person and somehow things that were challenging before, would all of a sadden become easy.

We would often set a goal for ourselves. And it seems like the time we are working towards that goal is just that – work. And only by reaching the goal will we be happier or worthier of love and acceptance.

As a result of unrealistic expectations and extrinsic motivations, only 8% of New Year resolutions are actually successful.

And even though, the New Year mark is an arbitrary measure of time, I do like to use it as a set point to take stock of what worked and did not work for me and us, as a family, in the past year. What would we like more of and what we’d like to change. What do I needs to work on myself and how do I want to grow.

I like going into the New Year with a set intention and a vision for what I’d like that Year to be like.

Intention and a vision is very different from a resolution.

Intention is an intrinsic desire to change for the better with realization that we will fail many times along the way but we will also get up and keep on going, enjoying the life and staying grateful for many blessings along the way.

This past year was great and also challenging in many ways.

I was so proud of myself for finishing projects that were several years in the making but I kept on putting them aside.

I finished a 2.5 year Earning The Light course with Pete Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man. It helped me find my way back to myself and gave me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

I started a 365 gratitude project and actually stuck with it, truly enjoying it. I still continue posting it daily on my personal page on FB.

I organized all the photos and videos I took this year and with a bit of help from my husband we were able to put our memories, through my lense, together in a 50 minute slide show, to enjoy all together, on the 31st of December, remembering all the great times with family and friends over sunsets and sunrises, bonfires and dinners, watching our actors on stage or watching movies, playing board games and being silly.

For me, last year was a year of connections. It taught me how to push past my comfort zone through to my very vulnerable core to let people in. I am so glad that I did. I not only feel so much more loved, as a result, but also that I am capable of loving more deeply, forgiving more freely, as well as letting go more easily.

For this year, my intention, is to celebrate my authenticity and to speak my truth with love and compassion. I’d love to write more to expand on this topic and to share my progress along the way.

There is usually a set rhythm to our lives, with activities that we enjoy as a family and we tend to book them ahead of time. We run a Harry Potter Camp in the summer that I start planning at the beginning of the year. We book camping at our favourite sites at provincial parks parks in February. We plan skiing and buy discounted passes in the fall.

Some activities fall off as kids get older and interests change and some evolve. I love camping, for example, and would go more often in the summer, but this year we might be looking for a cottage to replace some of our camping trips with for the comfort of some family members.

For this blog, I intend to keep it light and inspiring. I also find that there is so much pressure on women to “grow their businesses on social media” as an “empowerment” trend to be able to “do it all” and “contribute” to the family income while rearing children.

This blog, though, is mostly for me and I would be very happy if it helps someone else along the way. At this time of my life, with still being physically needed by my family most of the time, our connection and my sleep are my number one priority and I just hope to post every now and then.

I intent to continue working on a new and exciting to me project, that involves combining my 2 favourite activities and an awesome cause – working with my hands, creating, and up-cycling, once we are back from Florida at the end of January. I will share the details with you then!

Physically, I have worked hard on accepting my beautiful body, that I took on many rides so many times with countless diets, exercise regimes, and pure negligence after kids. Now, that I came to a place of feeling good in my skin and grateful for this gift of life in a capable body, I intend to take a really good care of her this year.

I will let you in on my journey of healing my pelvic floor, stabilizing my gut flora, and getting my hormones and stress in flow.

I’d, also, love to share more recipes. We eat so simple but we do enjoy our food and I am excited to share that part of our life! And I’d love to share how our eating with kids could be joyful!

Some of you have been asking for private healing sessions and space clearings. I will set a day aside once a week to start offering the sessions starting at the end of January. I will be able to fit some clearings in on Sundays, at least once a month. More details are to come. Stay tuned!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

I look forward to all the amazing adventures and connections it’s going to bring! It already sounds wonderful to me!

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